Fancier Reflector -Re2002 107Cm/42″ (Round)


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Subcategory : Reflector
Brand : Fancier



Silver reflector is a most commonly used can make your eyes more bright.And also used in the overcast IiGold reflector is used as supplementary can make the skin more healthy and shiny in portrait photography.e Gold reflector gives a nice and warm tone in the daylightBlack reflector is not a real reflector technicaly.but an absorbing reflector. It can reduce the amount of light while shooting the model or the object.hite reflector is used In supplement of the shaded can reach a soft and natural light and achieve better effect for the shaded parts.

5-in One reflectors can soften the light smoothly, They are in high quality and there are 2 series color available

RE2002:Gold/Silver/Translucent/White/Wavy Gold


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